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Quiin Species Profile

Decided to create a new creature because why not? Enjoy!

••• Quiin •••

(pronounced keen)

Basic Info

Type: Equine

Domestication: possible, with months of kind words, pats, and mice. Afterwards, their loyalty to you is undeniable (and you can ride them!).

Biology: A horse-like body, dark or (rarely) pale skin, thin yet tall legs ending in paws, strong, snake-like tail, large eyes, long, rounded tongue, small, sharp teeth, large, curved horns similar to a deer’s (think the thestral from Harry Potter but wingless and not as spooky)

Habitat: thick forests, typically near caves and swamps

Diet: omnivorous; prefers small rodents, berries, and nuts, but is capable of eating other stranger things such as death berries, pine leaves, moss, highly poisonous snake species, and tree bark

Sound: quiin have rather deep voices. When at rest, it makes sounds similar to an owl’s, and when angered, it makes a loud shriek that can deafen prey and leave larger enemies’ ears ringing.

Personality: quiin are typically docile, antisocial creatures and live alone once they pass adolescence, however when they are in mortal danger (i.e. being hunted, gravely wounded, having a horrible illness) they will be quickly taken under another quiin’s metaphorical wing under they are out of danger or either party dies. They are easily aggravated, especially by humans, and once they are excited, it can take up to a few days for them to calm down. While they are angered, they will go on a hot-blooded rampage and attempt to attack their aggravator and anything else that they might see as hostile. If one would like to approach a quiin, they must offer a freshly-killed rodent or clump of woodland berries while bowing deeply.


Witness’ Account #492
Witness Status: recovering from injuries

“Okay. Okay, um. Alright. I was in the woods, biding my own time. Don’t ask why, because it’s none of your business. So, I happened to be near a small cave, just walking around. Not much going on. Then this…thing? Suddenly appeared out of the corner of my eye. I turned around to look at it. It was all white, so white compared to the shadowy forest that it seemed to glow, like some sort of freaky ghost or whatever. Then it started to walk all slowly towards me. Of course, I had no idea what this thing was, so I just backed away just as slowly. Then the thing started to walk faster, and as it got nearer, I could then make out its features. It had these, like, bugged-out eyes. I think the thing was blind? It looked like its eyeballs were all covered up with fog. Like, milky eyes. White eyes. I still get shudders. And it had a long horse face. I think it was something like a horse. Uh, and then it suddenly stopped right in front of me, and then realized I’d stopped moving backwards; I was so entranced by its eyes. Then it just stared at me for what seemed like eternity. Neither of us moved. I thought then that it was a nice creature, and that it was letting me pet it or something. So I did, and I reached up to its snout to stroke it, and before I knew it the thing shrieked like a demon out of hell and lunged at me like this and bit my hand. Man, that sucker hurts, even now. Then it turned around and hit me right smack in the middle of my torso with this long tail, and then I fell over onto my back. The thing then placed its feet on my chest, and I think they looked something like dog paws. It had, like, blunt claws that stuck out and dirt was stuck between the toes. I’m not sure. The thing then proceeded to stomp on my chest, breaking my breastbone and a few ribs, and, ignoring my best attempts at screaming, rolled me over and over again across the ground and to the cave with its snout. I think it wanted to eat me for dinner or something. Then you guys came along, and pulled that monster off of me and stunned it, thank the Lord almighty, and then brought me here. Yeah. That’s my story. Now, can you get me some painkillers? All this talking makes everything all sore again, agh.”

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Occamy Painting

Whoops! Looks like I accidentally abandoned this blog…again…

To make up for my absence, here, have this little thing I drew that took me ages! This here is an Occamy, a creature from the book/movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them! It’s my top favorite out of all of the magical creatures, at least the ones found in the movie version, and so naturally I had to draw it (also I needed to post something but don’t mind that).

Hopefully I’ll post some actual writing soon. But in the meantime, I’ll try to post more art.

Also, Happy Mother’s Day to all the good, loving mothers in the world!

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Happy Birthday, Imaginealpha!

WHOOP! Yep, you read that right, we have a BIRTHDAY here (and I’m not horrendously late)!

Happy birthday, Imagine! You’re an awesome, creative, and crazy (maybe even borderline insane) friend and person in general! I hope you have, or have had, a wonderful birthday! If not, then there’s always spring break that’s coming in a few days. I’m afraid that I haven’t any real presents for you, but here’s a list of things that make you really cool instead haha:

  1. You write stories at an astonishing rate (I know I’ve said this before and that you denied it but I write a maximum of five stories per year while you actually managed to post like a billion parts of your stories during Post-A-Day)
  2. You like dragons
  3. You’re a fantasy writer who also happens to have a huge imagination (get it? gosh im so funnyalskjhg)
  4. We also can’t skip the fact that you’re an amazing writer
  5. You’re a cat person
  6. You have a cat (pictured above because I couldn’t find any other good pictures for this)
  7. You exist
  8. You’re a genius (especially when it comes to math! I’m currently drowning in math lol)
  9. You are a really good public speaker (or at least you can talk without shaking in your shoes)
  10. You’re a cheerful person!
  11. You’re also a very memeingful person :^)
  12. You introduced me to WordPress!
  13. And finally, you’re cool. That’s…that’s a valid reason, right? No? Okay

Hope you have another wonderful year of existence, and congrats on being old 😀

Click here for Imagine’s random blog, and here for her cat blog!

If you want the actual links to her blogs (LOL) then go to the word “memeingful” and click on “memeing” for her cat blog and “ful” for her random blog. I swear on my laptop that these are legitimate links.

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Important Message for Writers

Alright, this might not be a poem or a story or anything very special, and there might not be any more for some time, but I came across this post maybe a week ago or so, and I feel that more people should see this. This is such an inspirational response and means a lot to me, and I hope you will gain something from this, as well.

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It was on that fateful day

When I first laid eyes on you.

Do you remember?

We talked, but not for long.

It wasn’t until you said farewell that I knew

What that feeling in the center of my stomach meant.


We talked more after that.

We talked of many things;

Our families, our hobbies, our likes and our dislikes.

I enjoyed your company and your words

As much as you enjoyed homemade ice cream.


It wasn’t long before our relationship went

Beyond words, beyond definition.

We were inseparable, everyone could see that.

No one could ever imagine us apart.


Stormy weather came.

I grew scared, and you kept me close,

Close while the wind unleashed its fury outside our windowpanes.


That ungodly monster called sickness came.

I kept you warm while your face was as pale as the cold, unforgiving blizzard outside.


To this day I can still feel your heated head against my chest.


To this day I can still hear your soft, rattling breaths.


To this day I


Can still see


Your last



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Valentine’s Story Worldbuilding

Once upon a time I had an idea for a Valentine’s Day-themed story, but alas I totally lost all motivation to write more than a page. I’ve decided to instead share the ideas that I wrote down in preparation for the story. Enjoy, and have a happy Valentine’s Day!

Warning: a lot of randomness and confusion ahead

Main fam:

Therron (m)

Acantha (f)

Name ideas for side characters:

Adelphos (m)

Xuthus (m)

Krzysztofr (m)

Timandra (f)

Neoma (f)

Evangelia (f)

Eros (passionate)

Philia (deep friendship)

Ludus (playful)

Agape (love for all)

Pragma (longstanding; between married couples)

Philautia (love of self — healthy self-love & narcissist self-love)

Storge (fond, familiar, familial)

Summary: One bleak winter’s day, the cupids Therron, of the Agape division, and Acantha, of the Philautia division, accidentally shoot a random kid going through a particularly bad bout of hormones at the exact same time with their respective arrows. Result: kid ends up hating everything but themselves and the two cupids are very stressed. Whoops.

Worldbuilding (info that is actually important to the story itself is in bold)

Heaven & Rules

  • The cupid business-type thing is responsible for the love that all sentient beings feel every day. It is split into seven divisions, and each division specializes in one type of love
  • There is one superior cupid in charge of each division who other cupids ask for advice and all are named for their divisions (the original Cupid is both the leader of the business as a whole and the superior cupid of Eros)
  • All mortals must be shot with all kinds of arrows, with the exception of Eros and Pragma, which are not required for a healthy mortal life. If a mortal dies before receiving at least the five required arrows, it is considered a tragedy. This happens surprisingly often nowadays (cough cough shooters and suicide bombers cough cough)
  • Most mortals receive most of their love during the early stages of life, especially Ludus and Philia

Bows & Arrows

  • Bows and arrows are made with heavenly steel. Bows look like recurve bows (without sights or stabilizers) and have the accuracy of compound bows. They look nothing like the ones cupids are usually depicted with lol
  • Arrows are infused with the type of love they are made for through some magical process and when arrows land on a sentient target they “melt” and spread into the soul, where the love sets
  • Arrows are obviously completely invisible and untouchable to all but cupids
  • Badly shot arrows can result in the love not being able to take full effect or have other side effects. Happens rarely


  • All cupids are assigned to one division in Heaven once training is completed
  • It really doesn’t matter what you get because they are all basically the same except for the kinds of targets that you will focus on
  • Greek names only
  • They look more like smol winged elves than weird flying babies
  • Cupid lifespans are like two or so millennia idk
  • Cupids are born in batches of exactly 2,047,303 every nine centuries
  • Training takes approximately fifty years depending on the intelligence of each cupid
  • Daily life for a cupid consists of non-stop work trying to find those who are in need of love. There are no official breaks, but there are enough cupids so that one doesn’t have to constantly be shooting. There is the occasional shooting tournament
  • Any random cupid could probably get a perfect score in an archery competition even with a normal bow
  • Cupids can’t be affected by arrows at all because they are already very pure angels (also that would be awkward if they somehow got shot by one of their kind’s arrows)
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New Blog: Daily Prompts

Hello all! Earlier today I had decided to open up a new blog just for writing prompts! My intention is to post at least one prompt every day (however as you may have seen before that usually doesn’t work out). Prompts will mostly be of my original creation, although some will be taken from other sources. Speaking of other sources, feel free to submit your own prompts in the comments, and I’ll post them! I will make sure to credit all prompts that are not mine.

So, what are you waiting for? Go follow Daily Prompts! I will greatly appreciate each and every follow 🙂

Thanks, and have a great day~

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Startlingly Strange Sentences

During the other day at school, sunushinesImaginealphaThe Rivendell Musician, and myself were all assigned work that is quite simple at a glance: to create sentences in order to practice rules of grammar. Imaginealpha and The Rivendell Musician paired up to work together while sunushines and me created our own sentences. You would think that these sentences would at least be normal and completely sane, but no, I’m afraid that that is not the case. All of the above posted their sentences, so go check them out!

On a totally random note, a few days ago was my joining WordPress anniversary and I would like to thank Imaginealpha for convincing me to sign up on this wonderful site!

Now, on to the sentences:

  1. Harry loves pineapples.
  2. Danny and Tiffany are getting paper.
  3. Either chocolate or cheese is good.
  4. The Fooble or Mr. Jenkins stole the eraser.
  5. Steven or Bob likes to tap dance.
  6. Tim Tom or Tom Tim likes to fly.
  7. Billy Bob Joe or Joe Bob Billy like to bounce.
  8. Either Donald Trump or the corn have common sense.
  9. Bob or Bob are Bobs.
  10. Doge or Kermit are such good memes.
  11. The flavor of the can of tomatoes is good.
  12. Charlie choked on most of the chocolate.
  13. Many believe in the Fooble.
  14. Many Albatrosses are named Rick Astley.

speaking of our beloved Mr. Astley his birthday was only a couple days ago 😉

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Life As We Knew It – Book Review


Miranda’s disbelief turns to fear in a split second when a meteor knocks the moon closer to the earth. How should her family prepare for the future when worldwide tsunamis wipe out the coasts, earthquakes rock the continents, and volcanic ash blocks out the sun? As summer turns to Arctic winter, Miranda, her two brothers, and their mother retreat to the unexpected safe haven of their sunroom, where they subsist on stockpiled food and limited water in the warmth of a wood-burning stove.

Told in journal entries, this is the heart-pounding story of Miranda’s struggle to hold on to the most important resource of all–hope–in an increasingly desperate and unfamiliar world.


This is one of those books that really leave your heart pounding even after putting it down. It also forces you to realize how truly privileged we all are, what with the electricity we have every day, our constant supply of food and water, and how we have a warm and cozy roof over our heads. I have absolutely fallen in love with this author’s writing style, which makes everything seem so real, from Miranda’s thoughts and feelings to various scenes where you can almost feel the bitter cold of the weather. However, the book ends on an extremely unsatisfying note, as you never get to find out the actual fate of Miranda and her family, but then again, this is only book one. There are four total books in this series, all of which I am planning to read (if I ever manage to get my hands on them). Life As We Knew It can be found on Mrs. H’s bookshelf once I return it this week, to those who go to school with me. I highly recommend that you pick this up eventually!

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Drawing Help Masterpost

This is just like the writing masterpost that I posted very recently, but for art tips and inspiration! These posts are amazing and have helped me improve quite a bit. Hope these are helpful to you as they were to me!